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PixelTiming offers a complete software solution for any rental karting business.

Membership management, point of sales, timing and more. The software suite covers all aspects to offer everything customers want and owners need. Modular solutions that work together and become a powerful tool to run your rental karting business.

Follow live race results, interact with customers, create unlimited combinations of drivers and races, control your expenses and income from anywhere. These are just some of the available options.


Software Modules



Provide lap times has become almost an obligation for any rental kart track. The Pixel4Kart system developed specifically for karting by Pixel Timing is accurate to the thousandth of a second, requires no maintenance,  is reliable and immune to interference.

Parts of a timekeeping system:

  • Loop detection on track
  • Transponders. Ref. PT-Trasnponder
    • For rental karting
  • Base Station. Decoder to receive the passings of transponders
  • Wiring
  • Timekeeping software

This safety system allows you to control the speed of the karts at all times, even stop them completely if necessary. Wireless remote control for individual control of each kart, group of karts or all at once. You can avoid dangerous situations and persuade drivers to conduct themselves appropriately. Avoid bumps and accidents and save money on repairs. Ref. Ps-Speed

New system that combines the shutdown features with a display that offers race information to the driver in real time. It incorporates all functions of the PS-Speed ​​and adds real-time timing information. A unique new feature “ HELP function” is also added  so the driver can request assistance at any time. Also incorporating LEDs to  alert the driver if the shutdown is activated or there is any dangerous situation on the track.

What a great feeling to offer a Formula 1 like start. Red lights one by one and suddenly all off for a vibrant start. Along the track, safety lights at every turn, inform drivers of each hazardous situation that may occur during the session. A karting track is not the same without its starting lights and safety panels.

A great scoreboard for karting can become the focal point of drivers and spectators. It offers all the necessary information to follow the races. They can display advertising, live timing, informative messages of all kinds, etc. Everything you can imagine. Even the starting grid before each race. PixelTiming offers multiple options for indoor and outdoor installations.

We also have numerical scoreboards. Check out all options with us.

When there is a session on track, it is very important for everyone to know how long will it take to finish, either time or laps. Drivers want to know if they can still improve, track managers need to know when to start procedures for the next session. Drivers waiting want to know when they should be ready to start their session. Check with us all options for display size, manual or automatic control, etc..

PixelTiming can integrate all kinds of hardware for your point of sale:  touch screens, card readers, bar code readers, turnstiles for access control, cash drawers, receipt printers. All your business needs to sell products and control customers..

Solutions for the distribution of TV signals provided by PixelTiming software. High quality video on TVs installed in all areas of the karting facility. Powerful, simple and inexpensive systems to distribute HDTV outputs.

Cualquier negocio necesita una buena instalación de red de ordenadores para funcionar. PixelTiming asesora en los requerimientos necesarios y ofrece soluciones para el correcto funcionamiento de las conexiones de datos entre ordenadores y diferentes dispositivos de red.


Can Pixel Timing offer a complete software and hardware solution for your karting center?

Yes. We can provide a full solution regarding all software tools and hardware devices any karting center may need. From lovely small track to top grade venues.

Can Pixel Timing offer a system including full installation, setup and training?

Yes. We normally include full installation, setup and training service in our quotations, and we really prefer to do so to be sure the system is going to be used in the best possible way.

Can I start with a basic Timing system and then upgrade to any other parts?

For sure. Our system is fully scalable so you can always add any part you might deserve.

Can Pixel Timing membership system control and track the amount of money spent by the members of the venue?

Our membership and back-office software incorporate all necessary tools to control every single aspect of the ticketing, sales and staff. A great range of reports are ready so you can control many aspects of the business. A few of them are: best selling products, campaigns tracking, check rush hours compared to valleys, compare sellings by staff or by POS unit, compare race tickets sold and real drivers at the track, as many others.

Does Pixel Timing design and sell its own scoreboards, traffic lights and time counters?

Yes. We are proud to have in-house electronic engineers that can fulfill the most demanding needs.

Is the Point Of Sale also good for bar and restaurant?

Yes. Our POS system can be used in almost any selling scenario.

Is it possible to have custom designed members’ cards?

Yes. We have our own PVC cards printer and encoder. Do not hesitate to ask. No minimum order quantity is required.

Does your Timing software have automatic e-mail report sending and facebook wall post for the members at the end of each race?

Yes. As soon as you are using membership system, Pixel Timing solution can have e-mail address and Facebook id to be able to perform these actions.

Can I have different reports with all the information about sellings, staff and so on?

Yes. The system offer all combinations of reports based on many filter options for a complete data mining process.

Can your Kiosk feed the data from a Facebook account and take pictures of the members?

Yes. This is really convenient to speed registration process and offer customers the best possible user experience. Profile picture can be taken from HD webcams both using the kiosk and also at the POS units.

Is there a limit on kiosks or POS at the system?

No. You can simultaneously use as many units as needed. For the POS unit a very normal scenario is to have one POS for the track ticketing and another one for the bar or merchandising area.

Is your mobile timing solution a fully functional tool to manage everything at the track?

Our mobile timing solution is a really fully operational tool. You can really forget to be in front of the timing PC. In fact, the Mobile solution has some features that the timing pc can perform, as taking pictures of the drivers.

Can I have My Own karting APP for my customers?

Yes. We develop applications boh for Android and IOS. With your corporate style. This kind of APP is very interesting as it is a new contact channel with your customers. They can benefit for special offers and prices, check their statistics and challenge their friends to go for a ride. You can offer a better service and sell more.

I have an idea and I need a company to develop it. Can you help me on that?

For sure. Do not hesitate to share with us. We will be please to help you as much as we can.

I still have some doubts as I have some special requirements. What can I do?

You can contact us so we can offer you all our know-how and technical skills to fulfill your needs and offer you the best available solution.


Can your Championship software manage any kind of event or Grand Prix?

Our Championship software is a really powerful and open system. It can handle any kind on event you can imagine.


Antonio Jesús Maqueda

Antonio Jesús Maqueda Karting Indoor Sevilla (Copropietario)

Cuando se fundó el karting pensamos en equipar el karting con lo mejor de lo mejor. El sistema que nos ofreció Pixelcom es espectacular, no se trata de un simple cronometraje, sino de un sistema de gestión con todo integrado, cronometraje, Quioscos, puntos de venta, aplicaciones Iphone y Android, salidas a televisión, etc…además ellos son fabricantes de su propia electrónica. Muy buena atención en todo momento, no me imagino el negocio sin el respaldo de Pixelcom.

Eric Bourdon

Eric Bourdon City-Kart, Nantes, FRANCE (Dirigeant)

J’ai 2 pistes de karting indoor et outdoor. Les écrans de PixelTiming sont les meilleurs du marché et ils aident à apporter une meilleure expérience de pilotage aux clients. Les logiciels évolutifs de PixelTiming ne s’occupe pas seulement du système de chronométrage, mais aussi il aide à gérer toute l’entreprise back et front office.


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